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Born in San Antonio, TX and raised in Huston, Smoke comes in with true southern style and swag.


During the late 90's and early 2000's, he traveled through out the United States, not only preforming  but producing musically, and sharing this experience with famous artist from around the world.

His artistic ability in freehand work opened up many doors, included airbrushing and spray paint, which have been displayed in countless events, videos, street art, and books.


Having over 15 years in the tattoo industry, and a lifetime experience in the arts, Smoke executes his art with careful precision and pin point accuracy.

His versatility ranges from freehand, portraits, cover-ups, custom work, tribal, traditional, and so much more.

Texas born and raised!

Areas Of Expertise




*Spray Paint




Work Experience

Soul Train Awards

Hip Hop Book 2013

Graffiti Spray Paint Intro

Showtime @ The Apollo

1998 & 1999

Hip Hop Performance

Biketoberfest 2014

Daytona Beach, FL

Guest Tattooist

Disney Resort

Animal Kingdom

Guest Tattooist

Atlanta Tattoo Expo 2016

Atlanta, GA

THTC Representative

International Puerto Rico

Tattoo Convention 2017

Puerto Rico Convention Center

THTC Representatives


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