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Q & A Tatt Facts


In this section  we discuss techniques, dispel myths and give overall knowledge on what goes into getting ink in today's world. Scroll down further and read other people's response, partake in the discussion, or share your tattoo story. Have a question? Post it up in our comment section below. Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list and receive our monthly club members only newsletter, including the most current artwork & news, events, promotions, special give always & more!


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November's Question


How deep does tattoo ink go into the skin?


The tattoo needle goes into the skin about 1/16cm to 3/32cm to be effective. Anything deeper means scarring, more pain, and a rougher healing.


There are three levels of the skin, the Epidermis( 5 layers), Dermis ( 3 layers) and Subcantaneous tissue. It's only when the ink penetrates the Epidermis' sublayers and then into Dermis 3 layers, that it becomes permanent. If the ink doesn't go into the Dermis, you can expect your tattoo to not last, which is good news if your artist suck!


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